No Boys, No Babies

As some of my friends know, I have two rules for this trip. So, I wanted to officially share those rules and give an update as to how I have faired.

1) No boys: I don’t do well with casual dating, and I wasn’t going to be here long enough to start anything serious. So, I set this rule to prevent me leaving with (or leaving someone behind with) a broken heart. This particular rule has been fairly easy to follow…there haven’t been too many temptations… And, to be perfectly honest, I have a few people back home I’m holding out for…the actor who played Thor, Johnny Depp, and maybe one or two others (of the “unspoken prayer” type)…

2)No Babies: Rule #2 was mainly to help me remember I can’t bring anyone home with me this time. This second rule was a little more difficult to follow, though not wanting to spend the holidays in a Romanian prison is a pretty good deterrent. It is just really hard to walk past a Roma girl who can’t be more than 4 by herself begging and not snatch her up…or the boy I would see begging who is probably 6 or 7…I will always have a soft spot for kids, and it’s difficult feeling powerless in these situations.

All that to say, I have been well behaved. You should be proud.


One comment

  1. Love you Quinn; it’s definitely not easy but it can be overcome. The best is yet to come.

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