I like jokes.  I especially like jokes when I get them.  Today, I heard my first Romanian joke, which was described as “an oldie but a goodie” (not even joking about that description).  The joke goes something like this (I’m paraphrasing):

There was a man named Isaac who had a small house.  His wife and kids and the in-laws all lived in the house together and it was very crowded.  Isaac couldn’t take it anymore and went to his Rabbi for advice.  The Rabbi asked him, “Do you have any animals.”  Isaac replied, “Yes, I have a goat.”  So, the Rabbi said, “Ok, well, bring the goat into your house and then report back in a week.”  When the week was over, Isaac went back to the Rabbi.  The Rabbi asked, “Well, how is your living condition now?”  Isaac replied, “Terrible.  The goat is stinky and the house is even more crowded.”  So, the Rabbi asked, “Do you have any more animals?”  Isaac replied, “Yes, I have a horse.”  The Rabbi said, “Well, bring your horse into your house and report back to me in a week.”  So, Isaac goes home and does what the Rabbi said to do.  A week later he goes back, and the Rabbi asks, “Well, how is the living now?”  Isaac replied, “Terrible.  The horse neighs at night and wakes us up.  The horse and goat don’t get a long and they are making a mess of everything.”  Again, the Rabbi asked, “Do you have any more animals?”  Isaac replied, “Yes.  I have a rooster and 30 hens.”  The Rabbi said, “Well, bring them all into your house and report back in a week.”  So, Isaac goes home and brings the rooster and hens into his house.  After a week, he goes back to Rabbi, who asks, “How is the living situation?”  Isaac replies, “Terrible!  The rooster crows at 4 am, the hens are laying eggs all over the house, and it is even more crowded!”  So, the Rabbi gives him some advice, “Take the goat out of the house, put him back in his pen, and report back to me a week.”  So, after a week, Isaac goes back to the Rabbi.  The Rabbi asks, “How is the living situation now?”  Isaac replies, “Wonderful!  I finally got rid of that stinky goat!”

(badum ching!)


I know you are all holding your sides, rolling with laughter.  To be fair, the joke is funnier when a Romanian tells it, and I’m sure it’s even funnier in Romanian.

Completely unrelated, someone needs to finally invent a transport beam of some sort so s/he can bring me a fresh, hot chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a….


One comment

  1. yourothermotherhere · · Reply

    The joke not so funny. Your comment at the end? Funny!

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