I have found myself in an slightly awkward predicament.  I’ve been here before, maybe too many times.

I don’t know someone’s name, and it’s been too long to ask again.  I find I have this problem when I meet a lot of people at once–I can’t seem to remember everyone’s name.  So, I hold tight to the ones I can remember and hope to hear someone say the names of the others at some later time so that I can learn the names then.  Well, it always happens that I end up with one or two people where I just never hear their names, and I’m having to interact with them, and I have no idea what their name is.  [cue the infamous Seinfeld episode] In this particular case, thankfully, I won’t have the awkward moment of having to introduce them to anyone.  Still, I have a somewhat dreaded fear of having to say their name at some point or another.

One person in particular is one of the doctors at the clinic.  I feel kind of bad for not knowing his name because he’s a nice guy.  Shy, but friendly.  He doesn’t really talk to me unless Bogdan (the loquacious statistician) is around, but I’ve had enough conversations with him at this point that I really should know.  Usually when I come into the clinic in the mornings, it’s pretty quiet upstairs, and so I might just have look at the signs on the doors to see if I can figure it out.  The only problem is there is one other male doctor who is around sometimes to whom I was never introduced.  So, I may have to narrow it down to two names.  50/50 chance is better than none, right?

At the clinic, the mornings play out one of three ways: I see none of the people I normally talk to, I just see Dana briefly, or days like today, Bogdan and the other doctor (described above) are in the same room as me working on a project.  When I open the door and seem them there, I know it’s going to be a good morning.  I sort of have the sense that they (or at least Bogdan) sort of see me as a little kid.  At least Bogdan knows my age, but he has a sister, whom he calls his “baby sister” who is around my age.  So, I’m the kid sister.  I’m fine with that–I certainly still look young.

Anyway, Bogdan is hilarious.  And, because he’s loud and funny, I think that puts the other doctor at ease, or, at least lets him be relaxed enough to not be in his serious “Doctor” mode.

Today, we talked about cursing.  Apparently, there are a lot of curse words in Romanian.  I tried to get them to teach me a few, but to no avail.  Cursing has come up in conversation multiple times.  Mainly, because they both curse a lot and don’t want me to think that they aren’t nice guys because of it.  They’ve gotten into the habit of cursing in English so most people at the clinic don’t know what they are saying.  I think a little bit of German makes it in there, too.  What they don’t get, which is actually kind of funny to me, is that I honestly don’t hear half of what they say.  I’m in my little zone, most other things are tuned out, and my brain automatically puts everything they are saying into “Romanian” mode.  So, even when they do say something in English, half the time I don’t hear it.

Every once in a while, they will say a word that catches my attention.  It’s never a curse word, though.  Today, it was “junkie.” In my brain, I thought, “Oh wow, it kind of sounded like he said junkie,” only to find out he had.  Apparently, the doctor really likes the smell of the lens cleaning wipes Bogdan uses for his glasses.  And the question remains, if they are this funny at 10am on a Monday, what are they like outside of work?  Also, I know Bogdan is married, and I’m kind of curious as to what his wife is like.  Is she just as funny, or does she balance him out?

So many things to find out these days.



  1. At first, I thought you’d written “I’ve gotten into the habit of cursing in English . . .” and I was strangely unconcerned by that statement.

    Glad you’re working with some fun people and bringing some laughter to your day. Also, if you can’t remember the other guys name, you can always just give him a black name (and tell him, it’s a thing you do with your friends).

    1. A nickname, black or otherwise isn’t a bad idea…

      And should I be worried or relieved that you weren’t concerned about my supposed new habit? Lol

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