Ukraine Support Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Vitayu! (Hello, in Ukrainian)

On July 1, I will be departing Washington, DC to travel to the Ukraine for a 1o day missions trip.  I will be traveling with a small team from my home church, Capital City Church.  We will be working with orphans, widows, drug addicts, and the poor.  Our team will be spreading the love of Christ to a broken people, bring light to dark places.  I have written a short description of the country, which is at the bottom of this page.  While in Ukraine, our team will be spending the majority of our time in Krivoy Rog, working with the Churches of Praise, which run a drug rehab center, a children’s home, and have over 150 church plants throughout Ukraine.

I was first introduced to Eastern Europe in the early 90s after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Though I was a young child at the time, I still remember many images of poverty which flooded the media in the following years.  I have been fascinated with the region ever since.  Over the last two years, I have been working on a Masters in Public Health at George Washington University.  My focus is on Global Health, and I have been able to focus on this region in several of my classes.  When I heard my church was taking a missions trip to the Ukraine, I knew I needed to go on this trip.  I see this opportunity as the beginning of a lifelong desire to see hope restored to the region.

I hope you will consider supporting me in this endeavor.  If you are able, please consider donating.  My goal is to raise $2500 by July 1, which would fully fund my trip.  You can donate online to my trip by clicking the “Donate” button on the right hand side of this page.  If you would prefer to donate via check, you can contact me personally for information as to how to do that by emailing me at  Please also keep me and the team in your prayers over the next month and a half as we prepare for the trip, and, specifically July 1-11, while we are abroad.  Also, please feel free to pass this site along to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you for your love and support,


Not counting Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe.  However, it is also one of the poorest.  As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine had a thriving economy.  After gaining independence in 1991, the country was plunged into poverty.  The country also holds the world record for the highest inflation level in a single calendar year.  It wasn’t until 2006 that the economy recovered to its previous success.  However, Ukraine was hit hard by the economic crisis in 2008.  As a result, 20% of the population lives in relative below the national poverty line, and 5% of the population lives in absolute poverty on less than $2 a day.  Due to poor diets, pollution, high levels of alcoholism, and deteriorating health care, the life expectancy of the average Ukrainian is decreasing.  Coupled with very low birthrates, the population is shrinking by 150,000 people per year.  These hardships have taken a toll on the population.  Ukraine has the 13th highest suicide rate in the world.



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